aptly 0.4

aptly version 0.4 has been released today. Major feature in this version is local package repository management which allows to manage collection of your own packages, publish, take snapshots, mix with upstream repositories mirrors. Please download it or install from source, raise issues, disscuss in aptly-discuss group, follow me (@smira) to get information about updates.

Other features in 0.4 worth mentioning are: support for source packages for mirrors and local repositories, ability to delete unused package files and DB entries, and memory usage optimizations.

Full list of changes in this version:

  • local package repositories are supported
  • aptly supports mirroring remote repos with source packages and publishing repositories with sources
  • new command: aptly db cleanup to remove unreferenced DB entries and files
  • aptly peak memory usage has been reduced by factor of 3x
  • new flags: -keyring & -secret-keyring for aptly snapshot publish command
  • new config: downloadSourcePackages to enable source package downloading
  • new flag: -with-sources for aptly mirror create command
  • new config & flag: dependencyFollowSource & -dep-follow-source to follow Source: dependencies
  • new commands in aptly repo family: add, copy, create, drop, import, list, move, remove and show
  • command aptly snapshot create supports creation of snapshots from local repos
  • new flag`` -no-remove`` for aptly snapshot pull: don't remove other version of packages when pulling (e.g. keep old versions)
  • command aptly mirror create supports shorthand PPA url: ppa:user/project
  • new config: ppaDistributorID & ppaCodename to specify PPA url expansion rules
  • packages are printed in lists with underscores instead of dashes, e.g. pkg_1.3-3_amd64 instead of pkg-1.3-3-amd64

With addition of local package repositories, schema of aptly entities and transitions looks like that:

aptly schema


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