aptly 0.3

Today I've released aptly version 0.3. It's the first version I would recommend for production usage. Please download it or install from source, raise issues, disscuss in aptly-discuss group, follow me (@smira) to get information about updates.

New features:

  • using aptly serve command you can quickly serve your published repositories over HTTP, aptly would even advise right settings for apt sources;
  • aptly checks signatures and verifies checksums for downloaded files while mirroring remote repositories, if you don't have key that was used to sign the mirror in your trusted GnuPG keychain, aptly would give some hints, some hints;
  • flat format of Debian repositories is now supported (e.g. OBS creates repositories in such format);
  • now you can drop mirrors and snapshots;
  • aptly can draw graph of relationships between your mirros, snapshots and published repositories;
  • bash completion is available for aptly, try it out, it's amazing!
  • aptly gained ability to create empty snapshot, it could be useful if you'd like to extract part of repository by pulling packages;
  • custom config location could be given with flag -config.

Nice picture (actually it's output of aptly graph command):

output of aptly graph command


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